With his new band Ottla, Bert Dockx (Flying Horseman, Dans Dans, Strand) is declaring his love for jazz.

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Driven by a desire to return to his Jazz roots Bert Dockx (Dans Dans, Flying Horseman, Strand, …) forms a brand new group called “Ottla”. The group – each member is firmly rooted in jazz but also active in other genres - has an invigorating lineup: guitar, two saxes, double bass and two drummers (one of whom does double duty on a whole array of synths and electronics). All together, this crew sets sail for adventure in a colourful and diverse body of work.

Initially the band works on interpretations of 'jazz originals' (compositions by Alice Coltrane, Thelonious Monk, Duke Ellington, Herbie Nichols, Sun Ra, ...), but soon it turns out that Ottla organically develops a sound which requires a more personal repertoire. In just a short period of time Dockx composes a number of intriguing pieces, inspired by the spontaneous group dynamics and the individual qualities and peculiarities of each musician.

Get ready for a fresh and adventurous view on jazz, with room for all kinds of stylistic side roads. On the menu: swing, rock 'n roll, ambient, blues and abstract sounds; sultry, exotic, uplifting grooves; stimulating melodies; intense, whisper-quiet sometimes, nocturnal spheres; sporadic flares of musical frenzy; firm and challenging teamwork; focus, intensity and sincere musical zest.

Bert Dockx (guitar)
Frans Van Isacker (alto sax)
Thomas Jillings (tenor sax)
Nicolas Rombouts (bass)
Louis Evrard (drums, percussion)
Yannick Dupont (drums, percussion, electronics)

OTTLA - January/February 2019 tour in co-production with JAZZLAB


Date Band Location Tickets
28-12-2018 De Singer (Try-Out) OTTLA Rijkevorsel TICKETS
31-01-2019 CC Casino - JazzLab OTTLA Koksijde TICKETS
01-02-2019 Handelsbeurs - JazzLab OTTLA Gent TICKETS
02-02-2019 30CC - JazzLab OTTLA Leuven TICKETS
06-02-2019 Track - JazzLab OTTLA Kortrijk TICKETS
09-02-2019 Nona - JazzLab OTTLA Mechelen TICKETS
13-02-2019 CC De Kimpel - JazzLab OTTLA Bilzen TICKETS
14-02-2019 Flagey - JazzLab OTTLA Brussel TICKETS
17-02-2019 KAAP / Vrijstaat O - JazzLab OTTLA Oostende TICKETS
20-02-2019 Rataplan - JazzLab OTTLA Antwerpen TICKETS

Tour History

Date Band Location
01-11-2018 Café Café (Try-Out) OTTLA Hasselt
30-09-2018 Achterham (Try-Out) OTTLA Gent
01-09-2018 Deurnroosje (Try-Out) OTTLA Antwerpen
27-06-2018 Bar Mirwaar (Try-Out) OTTLA Gent
21-06-2018 Volta (Try-Out) OTTLA Brussel
19-06-2018 Madam Fortuna (Try-Out) OTTLA Antwerpen


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