Song for Two Sisters

Song for Two Sisters

We fell in love head over heels with this heartbreaking and electric fairy tale, dazed by the seductive harmonies and the haunting melodies that characterize their spooky folk and dreamy alt pop songs.  Song for two sisters is the second album from Blackie & The Oohoos, the band around the Maieu Sisters. Their first record on Unday Records has been produced and mixed by indie superstar Pascal Deweze, and what a team they prove to be.

1. Song For Two Sisters
2. Black Hole
3. Young Running Wild Ones
4. Sad & Blue
5. When Light Falls In
6. Chelsea Girls
7. As A Sinner
8. Joey
9. Misty Boys

Song for Two Sisters (12.11.2012 - Unday Records)
Produced by Pascal Deweze and Blackie & The Oohoos
Recorded & Mixed by Pascal Deweze at Studio Jezus
Mastered by Uwe Teichert at Elektropolis
Artwork by Philippe Werkers and Joke Leonare

Loesje Maieu: vocals, synthesizers
Martha Maieu: vocals, synthesizers
Milan Warmoeskerken: guitar
Hannes D'Hoine: bass
Alfredo Bravo: drums

Blackie & The Oohoos - Song For Two Sisters by Bestov